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Steven Knight - Creator, Host

The journey for singer/song writer Steven Knight began in his hometown of Richmond, Virginia. Knight, the 3rd child from a family of 4 siblings, developed a love for music very early. His earliest memories of singing included everything from choirs and choruses, to things as simple as mock concerts he would put on for his family for fun. As he grew older, Steven continued to nurture that gift and develop his craft when he joined his high school show choir in his senior year. Though Knight possessed an immense amount of raw talent, this experience would assist in developing the amazing showmanship and stage presence he is known for today. As time passed, Steven began writing and recording his own material, and while attending Virginia State University, he would participate in various talent shows and music projects.

Upon graduating from college, Steven relocated to Atlanta, GA to take advantage of the budding music scene where he could network and increase his visibility.  Since his move he has released music digitally that is available on iTunes, Amazon and and other digital media sites.

In January 2011, Knight with the help of his team of 6, launched The Steven Knight Show, a brand new show on EOTM Radio that provides the latest in entertainment news, sports, fashion, movies reviews, interviews and music.  Since its debut in late January 2011, The Steven Knight Show has attracted a record breaking number of listeners for the EOTM Network.

In January 2016, The Steven Knight Show will kick off it's 6th season on a new network INDIE104 - iRADIO LA.  Knight will release an his upcoming EP later that same year.  In 2017, the show broke off into it's own entity and can now be heard on iHeartRadio, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, etc

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Ms. Parker - Co-Host/ Hot Topics Contributor

Ms. Parker is a native of Las Vegas, NV but currently resides in Atlanta, GA.  She is a business woman and fitness guru.   She has been with The Steven Knight Show it's the beginning in 2011.

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Chike Evans - Producer/ Movie Review Contributor

Chike Evans is a native of the Philadelphia area and attended Virginia Union University in Richmond, VA.  Always being a fan of the arts, Chike dabbled in theatrical productions and other creative ventures during his high school years. 

After years of dabbling, Chike connected with longtime friend Steven Knight and became a part of The Steven Knight Show team.  Since then he has seen great success from the show, created an interview web series entitled Conversations With Chike Evans and revisited his acting roots.  Chike has been featured in various award winning indie films and currently is in production on a television series.

He joined The Steven Knight Show during it's first season back in 2011.

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Conversations with Chike Evans

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Adam Eltarhoni - Movie Review Contributor

Adam Eltarhoni is an Atlanta native and avid world traveler. From the streets of busy Buenos Aires to the calms surf-ready shores of Australia, he is always on the look out for the next new location. In addition to travel, Adam enjoys acting locally in various film projects; from working on others' film ideas to creating his own. He also writes scripts whenever possible, currently contributing as a freelance writer for internet media company GASM Media. Movies are a great form of art and entertainment and Adam looks forward to keeping listeners in the loop on the good and the bad.

He joined The Steven Knight Show in it's second season in 2012.

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Aron Cosby - Sports Contributor

Aron is a West Virginia native but currently resides right outside of the Washington, DC area.  He is currently attending law school but is a die-hard sports fan. 

He has been with The Steven Knight Show since it began in 2011.

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Genera Ferguson - Budgetshopahlic/ Fashion Contributor

Genera is a Georgia Peach who is a business woman and self-proclaimed shopaholic.  Check out her website for the latest sales in your area.   She is a wife and mother and has been with The Steven Knight Show since it began in 2011.

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Nayyir Shareef – Marketing Director/ Hot Topics Contributor

Nayyir is a native of West Palm Beach, Florida and has lived throughout New York City, New York & Long Island since 1999. Since 2008, Nayyir has been Creatively Consulting, in branding & marketing, for his self-owned brand in addition to maintaining management roles across the retail & food industries. His multi-cultural network and focus on organic, community collaboration has led him to volunteer opportunities with Food Not Bombs and a Brooklyn based food share program as well as start up branding & leadership roles. Nayyir received his Bachelor of Science in Business -Marketing at Virginia State University and further professional [finance skill-based] development via organizations such as the United States Marine Corps and Reahard & Associates, Financial Services Management Certification Program in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Having attended arts & magnet schools throughout his childhood, Nayyir’s love of music and talents in songwriting led him to a (3) three-year performance career as a hip hop artist, domestically & abroad. Traveling as far as Paris, France and London, England to share his musical viewpoint, Nayyir’s experiences have allowed for greater opportunities back home, in the US, to plant seeds of enriching perspective where purpose meets progressive!

He joined The Steven Knight Show in 2016.

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