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The Steven Knight Show loves giving back to the community and appreciate the support of our listeners who help us to do so each year.  See below that work we have been able to do thus far with your continued support.  We thank you!

2019 The Steven Knight Show Surprise Giveaway (event held on MLK Day)

On January 21, 2019 we utilized the money that we raised in our 2018 The Steven Knight Show Surprise Christmas Giveaway and created care packages that we passed on to the homeless community in downtown Atlanta, GA.

2018 Thanksgiving Charity Event

This day we partner with The Cheesecake Factory and the Red Cross for the second time to help in their effort to provide delicious meals for the less fortunate.  

2017 Thanksgiving Charity Event

Ms. Parker has been working with the Cheesecake Factory and the Red Cross on their annual Thanksgiving charity event.  They provide delicious meals to the less fortunate and provide them with a restaurant like experience where they are served like they went out to a restaurant.  This year The Steven Knight Show participated.

2018 Pre-thanksgiving Event with Love Beyond  Walls

Love Beyond Walls is an organization that brings dignity back to the homeless community throughout the country.  A few years back they were a recipient of The Steven Knight Show Christmas Kindness Surprise Giveaway. During the Thanksgivings Day holiday they give out food, clothing, etc to the homeless and less fortune.  This year we participated.

2016 The Steven Knight Show Christmas Surprise Giveaway

This year we surprised a nurse who decided that she wanted to provide care packages to the homeless community in Atlanta, GA.  She felt compassion for the homeless people she would see daily sleeping in the cold during the brutal winter season and felt that she wanted to do something.  We surprised her cause by raising money, donating it to her and helping distribute the care packages.

2014 The Steven Knight Show Christmas Surprise Giveaway 

This year we were able to provide Christmas gifts for a 73 year old grandmother who adopted her two grandchildren to prevent them from going into the foster care system.  Since she adopted them, she no longer received benefits from the government which caused financial distress.  This proud grandmother still managed to provide for her family but we thought she was the perfect candidate to be a recipient  of our Christmas Surprise Giveaway.  The pictures below are from a luncheon we threw for her and her grandchildren.